Bloom for the spring with the new Gel iQ collection Sweet & Sour

Bloom for the spring with the new Gel iQ collection Sweet & Sour - Crystal Cosmetics e-Store

Awakening nature, brightly shining sun, flowering buds and the scent of blooming flowers, open windows welcoming in the warm breeze, birds chirping and the feeling of a new beginning. In one word - spring, that we have waited for so long after the long and harsh winter. It's time for you to wake up as well - bloom for the spring!

The warm season is upon us. 

It will be full of special moments and occasions, for which a lot of you would like to wear open toe shoes, and also summer will be full of having fun at the beach, pool or waterpark, which means that your feet will be visible. So it is going to be important to have your toe nails looking beautiful and well-groomed as well.

Self done manicure and pedicure at home.

Did you know that the price of gel manicure at the salon is approximately 25-30 eur, but price of pedicure is up to 35-40 eur? Of course, these procedures usually guarantee a quality result, a self care and a feminine entertainent moment. But not always you will have time and opportunity to ge to a specialist, so you will have to do the nail care deed yourself. Especially if you are not comfortable showing your toes to others but you want a long-lasting gel pedicure. In this care you can trust Depend Gel iQ.

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Fast and price efficient - to do your nails yourself.

Purchasing Depend Gel iQ Start Kit, you would have invested the price of one pedicure for countless manicures and pedicures in the future. Furthermore, the process of doing a manicure and pedicure yourself will take 30 min or less. Perfect for the active summer season - prepare, polish, cure under UV / LED lamp and go!

What is Gel iQ?

It is a new technology nail polishing system with gellack that provides a flawlessly smooth finish, strong pigment and durability for up to 2 weeks. To start using Gel iQ, purchase Gel iQ Start kit, that includes base coat, top coat, manicure accessories, cleanser and UV / LED lamp. 

Want to get in-depth information?

More information about the application of Gel iQ and in blog post: Perfect manicure in 5 easy steps.

Gel iQ removal

The removal process of Gel iQ polish is possible with two offered removal methoda that are easy, fast and harmless for the nails. It is important if you want to change the nail color as often as you want.

• with oil and warm water: Gel iQ Remover Oil

• with remover and remover foils: Gel iQ Remover un Gel iQ Remover Wraps folijas

gel iq removergel iq remover

Add color to your life!








Where is spring, there is color. So Depeng Gel iQ has released a new spring collection in addition to the already wide color range. The collection is called "Sweet & Sour" and it will add vitality with it's sweet & sour fruity shades. The new collection came to our store with 6 new, modern, trendy and juicy shades:








1. Berry Good

2. Mint to Be

3. Squeeze the Day

4. Grapeful for You

5. Cherry On

6. One in a Melon 

Look into our e-store to see the full Gel iQ range: Gel iQ

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