Easy ways to be more nature friendly in 2022

Easy ways to be more nature friendly in 2022 - Crystal Cosmetics e-Store

Worrying about climate change, the responsibility about how we are going to live in this world in the so often mentioned year of 2050, solely depends on the manufacturers. But also for us as consumers we have to adapt and change our daily habits. In reality it is often not that difficult as it might seem, because we have adapted to some changes already since 2019 and 2021, such as single use plastic and plastic bag sale reduction. The motivation maintaining a "zero waste" and "less waste" lifestyle has been significantly affected by the pandemic, but we can still help the environment. Saved resources = saved money in the long run.

What else you can do?

Buy products in larger packaging!

• If there is a chance, buy larger sized packaging, not smaller products more often. For example, Byphasse cosmetic brand advantage is large sized good quality products for a low price. They are: shampoos in 750 ml and 1 l bottles, face lotions and micellar waters in 500 ml bottles, shower gels in 500 ml and 750 ml bottles. It is not only price performance, but also sustainable thinking without additional effort, actually reducing it, because the longer you use the product, the less often you have to repurchase it.

• Also Genera self care range offers economic size products. Soaps for everyday use in 1 l bottles with a dispenser, hair masks in 500 ml jars, shampoos in 500 ml and 1 l bottles, bath foams in 1 l packaging, and Genera also has liquid soaps in 5 litre bottles. Price efficient and practical.

• If you are a professional hairdresser or you choose to use professional and good quality hair products daily, you can find shampoos and conditioners in 1200 ml bottles in the range.

Use multifunctional products! offers innovative hair products called Booster. These are four different elixirs that you can use as an addition to your professional hair products. You can mix them in your products to achieve additional aid, so you don't have to buy separate hair masks.

• From you can also purchase shampoos and conditioners in 5 l bottles. Especially useful in salons and for family use daily for a very long time. 

Choose brands that care about environment!

BYBI Beauty is a cosmetic brand from UK that produces high quality skin care items. These products are 100% vegan, nature friendly, bio, pleasant to use and filled in simple but aesthetic packaging. A real 21st century brand that produces a CO2 neutral product. What does it mean? They don't produce more CO2, they use green energy, also they maximally use renewable resources in the production process. Packaging is made from sugarcane, which is a waste product from sugar industry, obtaining polyethylene, which on the contrary to regular polyethylene is not a by-product of petroleum refining. Active ingredients, such as strawberry seed oil, pumpkin enzymes, blueberry seed oil, are made from food industry by-products, which would end up in waste sites.

Read more about BYBI Beauty product productiong phylosophy:

Choose long lasting and biodegradable accessories!

• In the place of regular nail files choose glass of metal nail files. They last a long longer, which will reduce the amount of nail files you have to buy in the long term. Also they look pretty.

Choose: • Glass nail file, • Toughened glass nail file, • Glass foot file

• For pedicure you can choose Electric nail file. You can buy replaceable file heads as well.

• Ewa Schmitt offers hair brushes and combs from biodegradable plastic - PLA, which both industrially and in nature decomposes faster. This material is made either from sugarcane or corn starch, which both are renewable resources. 

Biodegradable hair brushes in our store: 


It is possible to use empty packaging again. For example to split large size products in smaller bottles. You can become creative with this. Take off the label, clean the glue residue, make your own label and write the product name on it. So that you can make the old packaging into a design element in your bathroom. If you want aesthetic packaging, choose any product from Jeanne en Provence.


If you don't have ideas on what to do with the packaging. From 2021 the larger Drogas stores offer a change to give any brand cosmetic plastic packaging for recycling. Just rinse and go to a store where there is a recycling box.


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