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Review: Depend brow and lash colour - Crystal Cosmetics e-Store

Brows are the frame of our face.

They make up the shape of our face as well as our facial expressions, so we want them to always look perfect. If you don't want to paint or tattoo your eyebrows, choose everyday eyebrow makeup - pencils or pomades, or shadows.

But what if I'm lazy to use makeup?

Once a woman, sitting in front of the mirror every day and diligently coloring her eyebrows with eyebrow pencil or shadows, thought how good it would be if, at least for a while, she did not have to paint them every day and could save such precious minutes in the morning. And her prayers were answered, as there are a variety of eyebrow tinting treatments available these days. From short-term (bio-tattoo or colouring with henna or colouring with eyebrow dye or semi-permanent colors) to long-term (permanent makeup) creation.

How much is that in the salon?

Brow tinting with henna: 15+ eur; 

Brow tinting with colour: from 5 eur to 30 eur;

Brow lamination + tinting: ~ 40 eur;

Brow permanent makeup / microblading: around 130 eur - 220 eur.

Why not try tinting brows at home?

I asked myself this question only recently. Thanks to Depend Brow and lash colour, finally I got the urge to do it. The process turned out to be easier and faster than it was expected to be at start.

What is Depend Brow and lash colour?

• "The color is created according to a new and revolutionary herbal formula based on yarrow, calendula, green tea and blueberries, as well as other ingredients. This unique mixture has created a water-resistant, easy-to-use color that will make eyelashes visually longer and eyebrows - naturally accented."

• With this colour you can achieve a result like from a salon at home in just a few minutes;

• Manufacturer promises the colour lasts for up to 6 weeks (average salon result lasts for approx 2 to 4 weeks).

What is included in the set:

• Colour;
• Activating gel
• Protecting cream / ointment;
• Tray;
• 2 cotton buds;
• 2 brushes.

Process and my experience:

1. Eyebrows must be prepared for colouring. First of all, they must be completely clean from decorative and caring cosmetics, so that the colouring can proceed to its full potential. With a cosmetic pencil, you can mark the points of the ends of the eyebrows, the highest point and draw the contour, if this will ease colouring in the desired shape.

2. The eyebrow color squeezed in the container should be applied with the brush included in the set. With the help of the other brush, you can smooth it evenly through all the eyebrows. If you happen to get the colour on the skin around your eyebrows, it's easy to clean with the included cotton buds. The colour should be allowed to take effect for 4-5 minutes.

3. When the time has passed, the excess is taken off with a cotton pad;

4. So that the brow colour doesn't get out of the brow contour, the protecting cream has to be applied beforehand around the brow perimeter. Making sure that the protecting cream doesn't get on the actual hairs of the brows, as this would affect the colour attachment. 

4. The same process as with the eyebrow color should be repeated with the activating gel. I personally like to color the skin under the eyebrows as well, to achieve a similar effect as with decorative cosmetics, so I'm not afraid to apply the products to the very roots of the eyebrows. The main thing is that it goes smoothly. The gel works in seconds and needs to be left on for 1 minute.

5. The color should be removed from the eyebrows with a cotton pad soaked in warm water.

Ready! It is possible to achieve a completely natural effect by coloring only the hairs, or a more expressive look that resembles eyebrows colored with decorative cosmetics.

In summary:

I chose a shade a little too dark for my current hair color, but you only have to live with the dark shade for a few days (depending on how often the face is intensively cleaned of make-up), because the color comes off the skin quickly, but the hairs also become duller with time, naturally changing etc.

What surprised me is the really long lasting color. After 4 weeks, the previously light and invisible hairs are significantly darker and there is no need for decorative cosmetics.

The dye didn't itch or cause any other reaction, and the process didn't even take 10 minutes in total. 10 minutes once, and you don't have to think about coloring your eyebrows for a month? Yes please!

Buy this and other Depend eyebrow and eyelash colors in the e-store!

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