120 Cotton Pads for Make-Up Removal


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The 100% cotton BYPHASSE natural fiber pads easily remove make-up and impurities. One side cleans with a make-up remover, and the other, softer side hydrates and protects skin with a toning lotion.

Beauty result: Soft and resistant, they eliminate all traces of make-up and impurities from your skin.

Packaging: 120 unit bag

Size: 120 pads

Type of skin: All types of skin

Product advantages:

• natural fibers

• 100 % cotton

• two sides for greater effectiveness

• large size 120 unit bag

Ingredients: 100% Cotton

Directions for use: Apply a BYPHASSE cleansing lotion that’s adapted to your skin type to 100% cotton natural fiber pad to clean your face. It’s an essential accessory for your bathroom!

Additional aid: You may also use the BYPHASSE cotton pads with soft toner lotion, micellar solution, and chamomile extract eye cleanser.

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