Dark Deep Bronzer 150ml

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The Dark Deep Bronzer is a fake tan and is the equivalent of the Dark Deep Tan Preparer. Sugar-based active ingredients (fake tan agents), such as DHA enhance a beautiful tan without UV light. This fake tan enables a pop of colour to your skin.


The fake tan contains the nourishing proein building blocks of the Green Tea Extract. The A, C and B Vitamins of the Goji Berry are also integrated into the fake tan and protect the skin continuously. Due to these Vitamins, the fake tan provides additional skin care. The Jojoba Oil, which is also contained in the fake tan, gives the skin a natural suppleness through a sustained supply of lipid restoring components. The high concentration of antioxidants in the sun tan lotion also protects against free radicals and harmful environmental influences..

Directions for use

How is fake tan not blotchy? The fake tan agent is suitable for daily use and should be applied evenly to the skin in the morning and in the evening. The fake tan should be allowed to absorb completely. After application of the sun tan lotion wash hands. After about 4-6 hours the full effect of the fake tan is noticeable. The fake tan agent does not contain any sunscreen and does not protect against sun burns and skin damage caused by UV rays.