Eyebrow Cutter


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Shaping your eyebrows is quick, easy and pain free.

Every professional makeup artist’s favourite tool, with perfect precision. The Depend Eyebrow Cutter makes shaping your eyebrows easy, even the small, short hairs that are difficult to get at can be easily removed. Works like a safety razor and is simple and pain free to use. Always remember to shave in the direction of hair growth. Stainless steel microfine blades

The pack contains:
3 eyebrow cutters.


Use on clean and dry lashes without mascara. Open the Depend Eyelash Curler and guide your lashes into it. Squeeze the curler closed for a few seconds where you want the curl to be. Done!

Tips and advice:

If you have long eyelashes it might be best to curl them in two or three steps. First squeeze the curler near the lash roots, release, move the curler out to the middle of the lashes and squeeze it closed again. If you want you can also try to bring the curler out nearer to the tips of the lashes and squeeze it closed one last time there.


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