Gua Sha Face Massager Comb

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An unusual product made of 100% natural stone - jade, the properties of which were already appreciated in ancient China. In Asia, it is a famous way to maintain beauty and beautiful appearance.
The comb is perfect for everyday care. By combing the bands, we reduce or even eliminate static electricity. When our hair needs an intensive treatment, massage with a jade comb will be the perfect treatment.

Why it is awesome

• Made of natural edelite;
• Perfect for face massage;
• It reduces swelling and improves blood circulation.

Directions for use

You can massage the scalp on both dry and damp hair. However, it is important that the skin is clean, and for a better effect, it is recommended to apply a care cosmetic such as a mask, rub, oil or hair conditioner. We start the massage from the area of ​​the temples and forehead - from this place we move the comb with gentle circular movements towards the middle part of the head. In the same way, massage the scalp from the ear area towards the nape of the neck. After the treatment, you can comb your hair to reduce static electricity. For the effects to be visible, it is recommended to repeat the treatment every few days.