Gua Sha Face Massager

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An unusual product made of natural stone - jade, the properties of which were already appreciated in ancient China. In Asia, it is a famous way to maintain beautiful appearance. The plate is intended for massage with the GUA SHA technique - Chinese therapeutic massage. Used regularly, it helps to keep the skin youthful and elastic due to its firming and anti-wrinkle properties. It supports the removal of accumulated toxins, oxygenates and relaxes the muscles. In Chinese medicine, GUA SHA massage was also used on the back, buttocks, arms and legs to reduce swelling and firm the skin. In these places, we can allow ourselves to be much more oppressive. Even light, however, it reduces inflammation, relaxes muscles, and improves circulation.

Why it is awesome

• Made of natural edelite;
• Perfect for face massage;
• It reduces swelling and improves blood circulation.

Directions for use

The massage is performed on cleansed skin covered with a moisturizing cosmetic - cream or your favorite oil - so that the plate moves freely over its surface. Note - we repeat each move 8-10 times. We start from the neck - in the area of the collarbones, place the plate with the edge facing the skin and move it to the jaw line. Then we move on to face massage. We start from the jaw line - press the plate against the middle of the chin and move it towards the ear. We massage the rest of the face with movements from the inside to its outer part. Massage the forehead in the same way as in the case of the cheeks, i.e. from the center to the side. The eye area should be massaged with less pressure towards the outer part of the face.

NOTE: Be especially careful when massaging the eye area. Do not use on irritated, injured skin and with extensive acne lesions. Use as intended!