White Jade Face Roller Massager

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White jade massager
The massager is made of natural stone - white jade, the properties of which have already been appreciated in ancient China. JADEIT has long been called the "stone of youth". Its energy restores the skin's vitality. It rejuvenates, smoothes, and revives gray and tired skin. Cold jade massage improves blood circulation and lymph flow, bags under the eyes and puffiness are reduced, and the pores narrow. Massage also has a lifting effect. The massager is finished with a rose gold-colored frame, the small size will also be perfect for traveling.

Why it is awesome

• Made of natural edelite;
• Perfect for face massage;
• It reduces swelling and improves blood circulation.

Directions for use

The massage is performed on cleansed skin covered with a moisturizing cosmetic - cream or your favorite oil.

NOTE: Be especially careful when massaging the eye area. Do not use on irritated, injured skin and with extensive acne lesions. Use as intended!