Nail Care Bundle

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A bundle of everything needed for manicure and pedicure.

• Cuticle scissors, fine

Profiled blade allows for precise nail plate care. Made of stainless steel. - Length: 9 cm

• Feet Nail Clipper With File 8cm

Nail cutter - large, stainless professional nail cutter. Oval blade guarantee perfect cutting. Made of carbon steel.

• Nail file 180/240 gr.

A fine-grained file is used to smooth the natural nail plate and finish acrylic and gel treatment. Delicate and precise. Perfect at the last stage of nail processing.180/240 gradation.

• Toe Separator

Toe separator that makes your pedicure easier.

• Womens bag Universal

Womens bag Universal

• Two sided ceramic feet file

A double-sided grater with two types of ceramic surface with an ergonomically shaped handle. It is used to wipe the dead and callous epidermis of the feet. For wet and dry use. Aesthetic and durable. Easy to keep clean