Ag+ Hair Brush Cat Ears, 19x9,8cm With Silver Ions

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Hair accessories from the Infusion Ag + collection are professional care products with silver ions, which constitute a natural biological barrier.

Silver is commonly used as a universal remedy due to its broad spectrum of activity against pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa. In addition to fighting microbes, it affects the work of the sebaceous glands and prevents skin inflammation.

It also has an antiseptic effect, thanks to which bacteria do not grow on silver-coated items. This unique property has been used in our Infusion Ag + collection, which stands out from the crowd and is extremely safe.

A small and cheerful brush at the same time is dedicated to all hair types. Needles ending with pink balls with the addition of silver ions gently massage the scalp. Such a massage combined with the beneficial effects of silver ions is the perfect care even for the most demanding scalp.


19cm x 9.8cm