Reviews of Byphasse Lift Instant Q10 Day Cream

Reviews of Byphasse Lift Instant Q10 Day Cream

What will Byphasse Lift Instant day cream do for your skin?

"Byphasse Instant Lifting Day Cream combines the effective firming action of active ingredients coenzyme Q10 and hyaluronic acid to improve skin elasticity.
The cream has a light texture and will suit all skin types, making it look more youthful, softer and smoother."

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What are beauty influencers saying about Lift Instant Q10 Day Cream?

Vita (@vita.berzina):

“I like the way the skin feels, when the cream has dried.
It's soft, silky, smooth, and slightly glowy. The cream cooperates with the decorative cosmetics and does not shrink or peel. For normal, non-dry skin before applying make-up this cream will be enough as a moisturizing base."

Paula (@muizniecee):

"I use the cream under my makeup as a base.The cream is moisturizing, by the way, it contains shea butter and is very light texture. And what is important - the foundation stays on perfectly, and it is not acting weird, when I put it on top of this cream. Very good price."

Sinta (@sintavoropajeva)

"I really like the soft skin on my face after applying the cream. The skin becomes really smooth
and looks fresher. I've been using it for a while
and I've fallen in love with it."

If you have tried this or any other Byphasse face cream, share your feedback with us!

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