User reviews: Nutri Repair kit

User reviews: Nutri Repair kit

Undoubtedly, before buying products, we want to make sure of their quality by listening to or reading the opinions of other people who have already tried them. So that you don't have to search for reviews, we have also collected them in blog posts.

In this post, you will find out what beauty enthusiasts Loreta and Arina have to say about the Nutri Repair kit.


Arīna Balode @ariinabeauty:

"I liked these products. When I used the shampoo, I already felt that my hair was smoother when I washed it. It doesn't get tangled. At first I thought I would be able to do without conditioner, but the hair mask saves everything. It also has a smoothing effect on my hair. I also really like the smell of the products .

I use the Thermo Repair Milk before hair drying, and I'm glad that it doesn't make my hair sticky.

In general, the hair really becomes smoother and shinier thanks to this product line. The usually frizzy hair ends also look significantly better.

I highly recommend it to girls who want straight and smooth hair. Usually when I blow dry my hair it's a little frizzy and unruly. After using these products, the hair is straight, smoothed, as if straightened. The result is especially visible from the hair mask."

Loreta Čabule @loretacabule:

"I still use the products every day and everything satisfies me. My hair is very soft after using the hair mask and shampoo, it feels well nourished. I also really like the hair milk! 🩷

The smell of the products is fantastic. They are very suitable for my dry hair, because they became much softer and healthier."



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