Cold? These beauty procedures will help.

Cold? These beauty procedures will help.

When the period of -20 degrees has passed, we would like it to be replaced by an equally rapid spring, but unfortunately, winter will hold us in its claws for a long time. To keep warm, sometimes you need a little more than wool socks, so you need to look for solutions that will warm the body as well as improve the mood. Treat yourself with warm moments with these beauty treatments!

Massage / do dry exfoliation!

How to simultaneously get rid of the dead skin cells and not only make it silky soft, but also improve blood and lymph circulation and exercise you a little physically to warm up? Do a dry massage! A special brush or glove is used to massage the skin with light movements towards the heart. It is best to do this right before washing. As a result, you will achieve a more effective removal of toxins, a soft and healthy skin appearance, improve your mood, and your sleep will be better.

In our shop you will find multiple body brushes and mitts.

body brush

Ewa Schmitt body brush

It has a long handle that will easily get hard-to-reach places, but it is removable for an easier body massage.

Ewa Scmitt bamboo cloth - natural materials for your skins beauty 

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Get into a warm bubble bath!

Pour a full tub of water and relax as long as you like. The world will wait. Add bath foam and indulge in an even greater feeling of luxury and extra relaxation. Not only will you warm up in the bubble bath, but you can also use the time spent in it for other face and body treatments, such as foot care, hair mask or pampering your face with a fabric mask.


Look into our e-store where you will find, for example, Genera bath foam or Byphasse Skin Booster sheet masks.

Go to a tanning bed!

No less popular way to warm up in winter is a visit to a tanning bed. Also, the tan that you can get when summer still seems so far away will make you happy and make you feel more beautiful. Remember to use appropriate and safe tanning cosmetics that will take care of your skin and a beautiful tan. We offer two brands of tanning products from Tannymaxx and Art of Sun.These tanning lotions will also have tan-enhancing effect and even post-toning effects.

solārija krēmi

More tips to get warm:

• The warm air from the hairdryer after a warm shower will be especially pleasant. Be sure not to go out with your hair still damp. Dry your hair with a hair dryer, but remember that hot temperatures are not good for the scalp and dry hair ends. Choose a slightly lower temperature setting and keep the hair dryer away from your head. Remember to use a product to protect your hair from heat, for example, Tabu Play Heat Shield.

heat shield

• If you have muscle aches Krauterhof warming balm could help. Massage it in irritated places that may be achy because of the cold, and enjoy its warming effect!


• Go to the gym! Physical activities give us a lot, including trained muscles. A larger muscle mass, in turn, keeps the body warm, as well as promotes a faster metabolism at rest. Many gyms and swimming pools provide an opportunity to use a sauna to warm up the working muscles.

Even in winter, we sweat, so Byphasse and Genera shower gels and deodorants will help keep us fresh. Click here to see all deodorants (also for men)


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