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Depend Temporary Body Tattoos set in metallic gold and silver. perfect for every day and parties, The tattoos last for 1-5 days, depending on how careful you are and where they are placed on the body.

Do not rub the area with a tatoo with a towel, e.g. when drying your hands after washing. The easiest way to remove them is to use a sponge and a little soap or body oil.

Directions for use

1. Make sure the skin is clear and dry. 

2. Cut out the chosen motif as close to the edges as possible.

3. Remove the transparent protective film.

4. Place the tatoo with the motif side against your skin.

5. Dad with a wet cotton wool pad against the paper backing for about 20-30 seconds.

6. Remove the paper carefully and allow tatoo to dry before you touch it.