Removal Wraps Foil

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For use with GelLack Remover for removal of Depend GelLack. Method 2. Pack of 10. Depending on your nail type and the condition of your nails, you may or may not find it difficult to remove the nail polish. We have therefore chosen to use 2 different removal methods. We recommend, in the first instance, method 1 for removing the polish. This method works for most nail types. Otherwise we recommend method 2.

Method 1: Depend Remover Oil gently removes the GelLack using vegetable oil. For this method to work, there must be a certain amount of growth between the cuticle and the GelLack, which you would naturally have if the gel has been on for 2-3 weeks. This method is very gentle on the nail and cuticle, and the special chemistry of this product produces a reaction between the Remover Oil, water and the GelLack.

Method 2: A more traditional removal method. This uses Depend GelLack Remover and Depend Removal Wraps to make removal easier.

Directions for use:

Care: For use with GelLack Remover for removal of Depend GelLack. Method 2.

1. Apply plenty of GelLack Remover to the cotton surface of the removal wrap and place over the nail.

2. Wait 15 minutes. Care: The time it takes to work may vary depending on nail type. Carefully scrape the GelLack off using an orange stick. Repeat until all the gel is removed.

3. When it has all been removed, wash your hands with soap and warm water.

4. Smooth some cuticle cream or oil into your nails and cuticles afterwards. Full instructions for use are inside the pack.


Pack of 10 units