French Manicure Pen

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The French look, quickly and simply! With this special pen it is easy to paint a coloured version of the classic French Manicure. Then seal it with top coat. DONE!


1 pcs French Manicure Pen

Directions for use

Shake the pen hard about 20 times. Hold the pen upright with the tip downward. Press the spring tip right in at five-second intervals against a hard surface until the tip is full of colour. (This takes from 10-15 intervals.) The pen is now ready to use. Paint the tip of the nail with the French Manicure Pen, either freehand or using Depend templates for French Manicure to get a perfect curve. Allow it to dry. Remove the template carefully and complete your French Manicure with Depend Quick&Shine Top Coat for a long-lasting result.

Additional aid

You can also use the pen to create any other decoration you want on your nail.