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Jessica - Classic, full lashes for the perfect party look. Intensify your makeup with a few quality lashes to make your look last all day and into the night. Depend Artificial Eyelashes are handmade from natural hair and feature a flexible fixing surface. This offers the best possible fit, a natural feel and a perfect result. Choose from a number of different styles to frame your eyes with attitude.


1 pair of artificial eyelashes, 1 g eyelash glue, instructions for use.

Directions for use

1. Begin by applying your makeup, but hold back from applying mascara. Apply eyeliner, if you like, for example, Depend Eyeliner – Pro Sharp.
2. Carefully remove a strip of eyelashes from the plastic holder using a Depend Eyelash Applicator or tweezers. Although the eyelashes for each eye may sometimes look identical, they are not – use Left for your left eye and Right for your right eye.
3. Hold the lashes up to your eye to check the strip is the right width. If it is wider than your own eyelashes, trim it until it fits. Trim a little bit at a time from the outer edge, i.e. the part that is nearest to the temple.
4. Bend the lashes if the strip became too straight when you removed it from the holder. One tip is to wind it round your finger like a grass skirt to give it a nice curve.
5. Apply a thin line of the glue supplied along the edge of the artificial eyelashes. Ensure you apply glue right out to the left and right edges. Allow the glue on the lashes to be activated in the air for 10-15 seconds before application to help the lashes adhere better.
6. Apply the artificial eyelashes as close as possible to the roots of your own eyelashes (on your eyeliner, if you are using it). You might like to use an Eyelash Applicator or tweezers for easier application.
7. Press with the back of the Eyelash Applicator or with tweezers so that the lashes adhere properly. First press in the centre, then the right and left sides. Finish by pressing carefully all along the roots of the eyelashes. You can now apply mascara if you want the artificial eyelashes to blend more with your own lashes, or if you want to further enhance the effect.

Additional aid

• If you find there is a join between the artificial eyelashes and your own eyelash roots, this can easily be corrected with liquid eyeliner.

• Applying individual lashes (singles)
If you use a set of artificial eyelashes divided into sections or bunches, apply them one bunch at a time. Start at the outer corner of the eye and remember that the closer you get to the bridge of the nose the shorter the lashes should be.
Depending on how intense you want the effect to be, we recommend using between 3 and 5 singles.

• To remove the artificial eyelashes after use, take hold of the edge nearest to your temple and carefully pull towards the bridge of your nose. To remove any glue remaining on your eyelid or on your own lashes, we recommend using eye makeup remover containing oil, for example, Depend Eye Makeup Remover Pads (With Oil) or Depend Eye Makeup Remover Sensitive Waterproof.

• If you want to reuse your artificial eyelashes, remove the old glue carefully.
The more careful you are with your lashes, the more times you can reuse them. Put them back in the plastic holder so that they retain their shape.

The product must not be allowed to come into contact with the eyes. If the product comes into contact with the eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water. Do not use the product if you have any inflammation or irritation in or around the eyes. Keep out of the reach of children


Glue: Acrylates/Ethylhexyl Acrylate Copolymer

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