Nail Kit Press & Go, Pink Princess

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24 perfectly fitting self-adhesive detachable nails. Ideal for evening wear! The nails are easy to apply and remove later without damaging your natural nails.


24 perfectly fitting self-adhesive detachable nails.

Directions for use

Use Depend nail polish remover if necessary to remove any nail polish or dirt on the nail surface. To ensure strong attachment, you must make sure your nails are clean, dry and free of grease etc. Try different nails to find the right size: Hold the detachable nail over your natural nail so that you can see if it fits. Place the lower edge of the detachable nail against the cuticle and lower the nail onto your natural nail. Hold it in place and press down for a few seconds. It stays in place 1 – 3 days.

To remove: Dip your nails in hot water. Wait about 10 minutes, then carefully pull the detachable nails off.

Additional aid

Take care that there are no air pockets between your nail and the replacement nail, as this may lead to infection. If an air pocket forms, you must apply the replacement nail again.

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