Dark Coconut Truffle Bronzer


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The 6th Sense Dark Coconut Truffle Bronzer Lotion is a fake tan. The fake tan is treated with the active ingredient DHA and allows the skin to brown quickly without the need of a sunbath or UV rays. It is the strongest fake tan in the 6th Sense line. The sun tan lotion is mixed with an intense chocolate fragrance with discreet woody vanilla aroma.


The fake tan has an Aloe Vera base, which supports the acceleration of the metabolism of the skin cells and cell renewal. This helps the skin to soothe as well as to regenerate. The Apricot Extract, which is also contained in the fake tan, provides the skin with important minerals, trace elements and vitamins, giving the skin a supple feel. The composition of the fake tan also contains, among other ingredients, Truffle Extract and Shea Butter. The Truffle Extract supports collagen production in the skin, thereby tightening the connective tissue and promoting the natural protective mechanisms of the skin. Shea Butter is used by the sun tan lotion to effectively protect the skin and to effectively prevent dehydration. The fake tan agent DHA tans the top layer of the skin. The result of the bronzing lotion is a radiant complexion and a beautiful tan without the need of the sun.

Directions for use:

The fake tan is suitable for daily use and should be applied evenly to the skin. Allow the fake tan to absorb completely. After having used the fake tan wash hands. After about 4-6 hours, the full effect of the fake tan becomes visible on the skin. The tanning lotion provides a tan without the sun, but does not contain sunscreen and does not protect against sun burn and skin damage caused by UV rays during a sunbath.

Product advantages:

yes Self tanner
yes Tanning accelerator
no SPF
yes Dermatologically tested
yes UV-Relax Certificate
Chocolate Scent